Friday, April 15, 2011

Jim Flaherty's Joy Ride. So Much for Belt Tightening

In another episode of the Conservative Lifestyles of Tax Dollars Rich, it has been discovered that Jim Flaherty
used a governemnt jet to fly to a Party gala.
AJAX – At a time when Canadian families are struggling to make ends meet, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty secretly used a government jet to fly him and his wife to a partisan Conservative gala to honor Brian Mulroney – and even charged taxpayers for a hotel room they didn’t use, Liberal candidate for Ajax-Pickering Mark Holland said today.

“This is the same Finance Minister who told Canadians they have to tighten their belts, and yet he has no problems with asking taxpayers to pay for expensive personal social outings for him and his wife – even though they can both well afford to pay their own way,” said Mr. Holland.
So much for belt tightening. I think he's going to have to add a few notches if he's going to continue to gorge himself at the public trough.

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