Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Justin Bieber Campaigning for the Conservatives Now?

Justin Bieber was in Israel recently and avoided a meeting with the prime minister because he didn't want to get involved in politics.

However, it would appear that he is being dragged into the Conservative party of Canada's campaign, in glossy ads being distributed on university campuses.

But as one student says:
Today’s society is more liberal than it was fifty years ago, and fifty years ago it was more liberal than it was one hundred years ago. And people have been trying to “return to traditional values” for centuries, millennia even, and it hasn’t taken and the world has gotten more and more liberal, overall. So what, exactly, makes you think you’re going to be the ones to finally reverse that trend and make the society of fifty years into the future more conservative than it is today? That sounds really arrogant to me. Not to mention stubborn and pointless. Why would I join the side that history says is going to lose?

Especially with such a ridiculous marketing campaign. I mean, really
So does Justin Bieber approve?

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  1. Right now the heading on is "the last time it was cool to be a Liberal the New Kids on the Block were still new."

    My guess is that Justin Bieber did not approve that decal. Which does raise some interesting questions about this campaign...