Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm so Embarrassed. My Mother Voted in the British Election.

Sun Media is running a story of how Michael Ignatieff may or may not have voted in the U.S. election. They dug up an old interview from 2004, when his political allegiances were in question. He claimed that he was a Democrat and would be voting for John Kerry.

He also voted at least once in Britain when he was working there. That one seems probable, but highly unlikely that he would have made a voters list in the U.S.

But how does either make him less Canadian?

Does Wayne Gretzky vote in the U.S.? Jim Carey? Michael J. Fox?

We are drifting dangerously close to the "birthers" who are still demanding to see President Obama's birth certificate. How desperate are you, when this is all you have to dwell on?

The recent attacks on Michael Ignatieff's wife, show just how low the Conservatives will go to discredit the Liberal leader. I've met his wife and she is so sweet.

Canada is a nation of immigrants and we don't dwell on things like birth certificates. A Canadian is a Canadians is a Canadian.

Harper insider Davd Frumm (his sister was given a patronage senate appointment), was a former speech writer for George W. Bush and now has a U.S. citizenship. Tom Flanagan, Harper's former mentor and campaign manager, was born in the U.S. and has dual citizenship. No one asks either of these men where they vote.

This is so petty.

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