Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Harper's "Scary Coalition" Failed to Resonate. But His Ethics or Lack Thereof is Now being Noticed

The latest EKOS poll shows that Canadians are now paying more attention to ethics and accountability, both things that Harper's Conservatives are failing miserably at. Economists are also disputing the claim that a coalition, or even a different government, would hinder economic recovery. So much for the entire Conservative election platform. Most of the news is their secrecy, hyperbole autocratic style.
The opening days of an election campaign are usually a time for optimism – an opportunity for politicians to wax lyrical about the country they love and the future they envision. In pursuit of that elusive majority government, Stephen Harper decided to go for more of an “Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars” vibe. He pronounced ominous warnings. He issued dire ultimatums. And always, always, Stephen Harper made reference to the perilous peril of considering any leadership other than his own.

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