Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Harper's National Citizens Coalition Now Campaigning For Their Boss. They're Still Weird.

Poor Stephen Harper. He has tried to downplay his role as chief rabid bulldog for the NCC, and now they come out of the closet, with all the corporate money they can squander.

And they're singing the coalition "socialist" blues.

Instead of showing the three leaders handing out bread, they should have Harper handing out wheelbarrows full of our cash to his wealthy friends.

And Sun Media is all revved up with their poisonous ammo ready to attack at a television station near you.
The right in Canada has been meticulously constructing this powerful device with the aid of Canada's media moguls. Components include newspapers such as the National Post and all of the Sun papers, magazines like Maclean's, most of talk radio, op-ed columnists such as the Globe and Mail's Neil Reynolds and Margaret Wente and Ottawa Citizen's Dan Gardner and David Warren, the Blogging Tories network of 270 conservative bloggers, think-tanks spread from coast to coast pumping out hundreds of op-ed pieces each year, conservative Christian broadcasting.
It'll be just like Halloween.

Should someone remind them that Glen Beck has been cancelled? Nah. Their air heads might explode.

All of this right-wing nonsense when Canadians are suffering could backfire, because it will remind us of Stephen Harper's roots and the things he stands for.

Might be just the shock Canadians need to come to their senses.

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