Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Conservative MP James Moore Registered a Site Aimed at Lying to the Canadian People

Not the first time that James Moore has gone to such great lengths to lie to the Canadian people.

During the Cadman controversy when the Conservative party tried to bribe a dying man, with a life insurance policy for his vote, Moore said of the tape with Harper admitting that he knew of the illegal activity: MP James Moore told reporters yesterday that the party hired two audio specialists to analyze the September 2005 tape and they found it had been altered. "The (Tom) Zytaruk tape is completely discredited," Moore said.

Then when the FBI forensics team determined that Moore's statement was false, he apologized ... wait, no he hasn't apologized yet, but it's coming. I can feel it.

However, Moore wasn't through with us yet. He has registered a domain name ipodtax.ca

If you go to the site, there is a video with another whopper. The Ipod tax is a complete fallacy. A vision of someones imagination. Maybe they had a few too many?

Who knows?

But don't worry. James Moore will apologize for lying and just making stuff up. Soon ... someday ... maybe.

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