Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Plank of the Conservative Campaign Just Splintered

Jason Kenney was on a radio station today to talk about his government's "Human smuggling" initiative, another cornerstone of their campaign. But instead it just angered people who found the entire thing a little offensive.

Human smuggling is an important issue but not something you want to run up and down squawking about. The bill he accuses Ignatieff and his "reckless coalition" of opposing, included the right to imprison women and children for up to a year.

Canada has always been a safe place for those fleeing oppression, and many people have bought their way to safety. But this is starting to look like a witch hunt.

Andre Gerolymatos has come to Kenney's defense, but he's an employee so it doesn't count.

Can't wait to see what they're going to announce tomorrow.

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