Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alicia Gordon and Randy Camp Denounce Democratic Principles That Stand in the Way Of Multinational Corporations

Ralph Surette, one of my favourite columnists, writes this week: Why Harper must not have his majority

In it he tells the story of how after exposing Harper's treaty with the European Union, that allowed multinationals to take over our fisheries, he received a threat from one of his MPs.
Shortly after, I got a call from Randy Kamp, parliamentary secretary to the fisheries minister and an MP from B.C., who aggressively demanded that I tell him where I got my information and rang off with "the government of Canada is unhappy with you." Keep in mind that in many, if not most, countries on the face of this Earth, a phone call like that from a government official to a journalist constitutes a death threat.

I was disturbed, but also baffled. I’d had governments unhappy with me for 40 years and never heard the like, and nothing in the Canadian tradition explained it. So I assumed this was just one out-of-control individual who didn’t know his job. I checked with people I know in Ottawa. They told me emphatically: "That’s them. That’s them exactly!"
Allan Gregg in his review of Lawrence Martin's book Harperland, confirms that that is exactly how Harper and Co. conduct business. With threats and intimidation.

And what Surette found even more disturbing, was that despite the fact that the elected MPs voted against the treaty, Harper signed it anyway. He just does as he pleases.

Majority or minority it won't matter. We need to vote him out. It's that simple.

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