Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stephen Harper Says That Canadians Deserve a More Accountable Government. I Agree

Stephen Harper is losing control of his government. The scandals are threatening to topple him and he is running out of options.

Rumour is that he may go to the Governor General and ask him to dissolve Parliament before the chickens come home to roost, so to speak.

The opposition is demanding Bev Oda's emails to determine who is running her department. Oda or Harper's backroom boys?

They have also been found to be in breach of privilege for not providing the cost of their new crime bills. How can they expect MPs to vote on something when they have no idea how much it will cost taxpayers, the people they are supposed to represent?

Speaker hits Tories with two more contempt rulings

The ruling is only “on its face,” and a Commons committee will spend next week deciding what action to take. But the Speaker’s ruling -- the third finding of contempt against the Tories in one year -- represents a powerful rebuke to a government that has repeatedly claimed the right to protect information on the basis of cabinet confidence.

There is also an Alliance of more than 30 citizen groups calling for Integrity Commissioner's severance pay package to be cancelled. This was the hush money Harper paid to keep her quiet about the 'fraud' allegations against his government.

A half million dollars of taxpayers money to protect his "secrets". I don't think so.

I agree with Stephen Harper. We deserve better.

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