Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Conservative Branding of Canada is Going Too Far

After learning that Stephen Harper has removed the word 'Canada' from our government and replaced it with 'Harper', another story of Conservative branding shows that this party has no intention of stopping there.

[Jason] Kenney has been under fire over a letter his office sent to Conservative riding associations calling on them to donate $200,000 to the party for an advertising campaign targeted at ethnic voters. The letter was printed on Kenney's official MP letterhead. The opposition has accused Kenney of using government resources for partisan purposes. Now the minister is facing pressure from the opposition over an award certificate he handed out in 2009 to Yang Sheng, a Chinese restaurant in Ottawa.

... The certificate is signed by "the Honourable Jason Kenney" and identifies him as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and the federal minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism. The document carries the coat of arms of the House of Commons, as well as those of the provinces and territories. It also features a large blue-and-red Conservative Party of Canada logo in the background.

We pay Jason Kenney's salary, not the Conservative Party of Canada. Any Canadian awards should reflect "Canada".

Conservative MP Shelley Glover was in trouble for wanting to hand out water bottles to school children with the Conservative logo. Naturally the school board stepped in, but this is just par for the course.

And something even more disturbing about Glover can be heard in the above video. Besides being not terribly bright suggesting that counselling in prisons is free, she makes a statement at the end that needs to be challenged. She suggests that it is a well known fact that criminals vote Liberal and cops vote Conservative.

Does this mean that the police only protect conservative supporters? This is one area that should never be politicized, because again the Canadian taxpayer funds the police forces, not the Conservative Party of Canada.

This has to stop. It's really getting out of hand.

The petition to demand that Harper puts "Canada" back in the Canadian government is now at almost 18,000. We need to send a clear message.


  1. Just out of curiosity, Emily, I checked to see what the official Government of Canada website has done about being told to call itself the "Harper Government" - there are two stories there. The March 8 one about Ted Menzies says "Harper Government" in the headline and also in the first paragraph. The March 9 one about Rona Ambrose says "Federal Government" in the headline and "Government of Canada" in the first paragraph.
    The name "Harper" does not appear in the Rona Ambrose story at all, and doesn't appear in the balance of the Ted Menzies story.
    So I'd say the Harpies are batting 500, but so are we.

  2. I don't know what they're doing