Friday, September 3, 2010

Stephen Harper Says Everyone is Out to Get Him. He's Right.

Poor Stevie. Everywhere he goes the opposition parties are there. Hiding in the bushes, peering behind a tree.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you they are not a coalition — they work together on everything,” he said.

Harper accused the three other parties of “obstruction for the sake of obstruction.” They should never be given the chance to govern Canada, he said. ”We have to defeat the coalition and ensure that we have a Conservative majority that can keep this country moving forward.”
But like Gail Lethbridge says, we're just not that in to you. Snivelling, whining control freaks are out of vogue now.

Besides, some guy told us that coalitions were a good thing. Remember him?


  1. Oh, poor Stevie.
    My heart bleeds for him. I guess that makes me a marginalized, bleeding heart liberal, or at least a part of that coalition he keeps blithering on about. ; )