Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michael Igantieff is Now Ahead of Harper in the Polls

The latest EKOS poll has the Conservatives and Liberals in a deadlock, but the fact is that anyone who understands the median, knows that the West always skews Harper's numbers, so in fact the scales would tip in Michael Ignatieff's favour.
Released Thursday morning, the EKOS survey delivers nothing but bad news for the Tories, showing their support reduced to a narrow base of hardcore older Western males [my emphasis]. This, as they bleed support from women, young people and university educated Canadians. Quebec is now “scorched earth” for the Conservatives. The EKOS numbers indicate the party would be reduced to one seat from the 11 they now hold in that province.
There's a suggestion that it's all because of the census debacle, but the truth is, I think it's many things that are all coming together, showing Canadians just what this government stands for.

Corporate tax cuts, fighter jets and prisons. Billions and billions of dollars that will have to be borrowed. Stephen Harper calls himself an economist, but while he has a degree from the University of Calgary, (ranked 36th among business schools), he has never worked one single day as an economist. Not one. And it shows. Jim Flaherty was a personal injuries lawyer before entering politics.

We might forgive their inexperience for making such a bloody mess of things, but it still doesn't change the fact that we are in a bloody mess.

They had their shot. They blew it.

King of the photo-ops will have to take all of his pictures off the walls, hire a truck to transport them, then get the hell out of Dodge.