Sunday, September 5, 2010

Information Commissioner Says Harper Government is Too Secretive. Yah think?

Not that we needed to be told, but the information commissioners agree that Harper and his government operate in unheard of secrecy.

The country’s Information and Privacy Commissioners have come out against the secretive Harper government – and to Liberal MP Marlene Jennings, they have stated the case that while other nations are moving towards more open and accountable federal governments, ours remains one of the most unaccountable and secretive in Canada’s history. “The Commissioners rightly point out that governments around the world are recognizing the value of sharing information with the public in accessible, open formats – and here we are in Canada with a government going in precisely the opposite direction,” said Ms. Jennings, the party’s Government Ethics and Democratic Reform Critic.

“As Stephen Harper shows nothing but contempt for Canadians by shutting them out of the democratic process – out of his public events, out of public policy debate, out of access to information that they have every right to access – Liberals know that Canadians are crying out for their elected officials to listen to and respect them.”

We are governed with photo-ops. And frankly, the photos aren't doing a real good job.


  1. The current governmentis quite secretive but to their 'credit' this past summer has seen evidence of the so-called 'secret agenda' not being so secret any more.