Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Will Harper Try to Give Away This Time in 'Buy America' Fix?

Obama's new job strategy once again includes a "Buy America" clause, specifically stating that unless there are savings of at least 25%, infrastructure projects must use only U.S. materials.

Last time this happened, Harper gave away the farm for a few ears of corn, making him the brunt of jokes. According to Wikileaks, members of the U.S. government involved in the deal would ask "so has he called today? What are we getting now? Ha, ha, ha."

And indeed the joke was on us.

However, after giving them so much last time, what do we have left? I heard that he's offering the Parliament Buildings, the CN Tower and an 8" x 10" autographed picture of himself with Pamela Sue Anderson. (his wall is full) They could just crop out his image.

We have to quit depending on the United States for our economic recovery. They are hurting themselves. We need a Canadian strategy and if this hurts our border security deal (that erases our borders), then maybe there's a God after all.

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  1. When will people in this country wake up? Free Trade isn't worth the paper it's written on. We have been selling the farm since those heady days under that Irish fool that opened the pipeline flowing south. It seems that that Canada must always defend (and win) it's position with G.A.T.T. despite the US always twisting the rules. If they can change the rules now then I am sure that we can go against the rules that says we must sell our natural resources to them at their established purchase price. I don't believe in the extraction of unethical oil from the "oil sands" but I sure support "Buy Canadian" and sell it to the highest bidder.