Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The CBC on the Chopping Block is No Surprise to Anyone

I came across this image for the CBC.  I think it was for an event that was sold out.  However, as soon as I saw it, I thought how appropriate.

There is a bit of angst over the future of the CBC, with poor Stephen Harper losing sleep over the country's finances.

At least that's the way the story is being sold.

Anyone who read his speech at the Reform Party assembly, more than two decades ago, stumped to thunderous applause; know that the CBC was history from the day he was named prime minister.

Although, I believe they wrote their own death warrant the first time they called the Reform-Alliance Party, 'Tories'.

They helped Harper keep up the facade, and are now worried that his success, means their demise.

They should have thought of that.  Public broadcasting, belongs to us, the public, and CBC is no doubt looking to the public to save them.  But where were they when we needed saving?

Evan Solomon went so far to the right, he may be too radical for Fox News, and after Lloyd Mansbridge's infomercial for Harper during the last election campaign, what is there left for us to fight for?

Another right-wing entertainment station?  We need an alternative to Fox News North, not an instant replay.  The only thing I watch on CBC now is the Rick Mercer Show.  Everything else is just blah, blah, blah.

I am very sad about this, but I'm also mad as hell.  The majority of Canadians do not support the Right-Wing Revolution, yet we have no one speaking for us.  A few columnists now and then, but their work is lost in the drone of the same old, same old.

"Harper wore out another pair of shoes today.  He's got to quit walking on water".

For anyone interested, in Harper's speech he promised to also get rid of EI, The Canada Pension Plan (already shot through the heart by Jim Flaherty), Old Age Security, the Canada Health Act ....

Everything put in place to help Canadians.

I will sign a petition to keep the CBC alive, but only on the condition that they start acting like a "public" institution, and not another Harper communication vehicle.

We need a program warning Canadians of our Religious Right, especially since most of them are American based.  We need a program promoting progressive ideas.  We need a program raising awareness to the income disparity that is hurting the most vulnerable in our society.

If the CBC can provide that kind of programming, I'm in.  If not, count me out.


  1. Thanks for this. It sums up my thoughts.

  2. There are no "job-threatening goons" running around this department from any party or any government. And if there were, we wouldn't be "scared". Often we get worried when our journalists are in dangerous situations covering foreign wars. But usually we remain confident that our rigorous training and our journalistic standards will carry us through the day. And that is no different for ordinary stories in our own country. As a result I find your preamble not only insulting but one that leaves me with little interest in reading further.

    I'm always prepared to respond to those who have serious questions or criticism about our journalism and if you'd care to put one forward without the ludicrous assertions you place first in your letter then I'll be happy to respond.

    Peter Mansbridge

  3. A. what a pompous ass.

    B. he has a lot of time on his hands

    C. he is a filthy liar no? See link below:


    D. He didn't address my issue which was thusly:

    In the discussion of yesterdays announcement of the perimeter deal on CNN and CBC, there was no mention of Canada's sovereignty. The press is framing it as a trade/right to privacy issue. Where's the text of the agreement? The language of these anouncements is vague and open ended with too much latitude for action.

    The CBC failed in its duty as my public broadcaster to explore the implications of this agreement in order to inform Canadians.