Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stephen Harper is Cutting Environmental Spending by 60%

I suppose given that the Harper government continues to spend money on environmental issues, while doing absolutely nothing to address global warming, they might as well just close the department down.

Taxpayers are funding their travel and social events, and getting nothing in exchange.

Clearly Peter Kent was brought on board to simply dismantle the ministry of the environment. They have removed all environmental protection, allowed mining companies to dump toxic sludge into our lakes and rivers, and are still giving the oil sands $1.4 billion a year to create an environmental disaster.
The Harper government is projecting some major cuts over the next year to several of its environmental initiatives, including climate change and clean air, according to newly released federal estimates. The numbers, released Tuesday by the Treasury Board Secretariat, show a 59 per cent cut in global-warming and air-pollution spending as part of more than $1.6 billion in annual, government wide reductions to environmental services across the different federal departments.
Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

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