Friday, March 4, 2011

Please Take Part in This Important Telethon to End the Suffering

There is a devastating situation in Canada that has earned little respect from our media, and yet an entire sector of our population is suffering. We as concerned citizens, must reach deep in our hearts and our pocketbooks to end this.

Unless we can raise $100,000,000,000 by midnight tonight, I'm afraid the entire corporate welfare state will collapse.

Yes folks. I hope you're sitting down. Bank executives are having to ... I'm having trouble even finding the words ... TAKE A CUT IN PAY!

National Bank of Canada chief executive officer Louis Vachon saw his pay in 2010 slip from 2009 as the bank fell short of its earnings target, the bank said Thursday. According to the bank's management proxy circular, Mr. Vachon took home a total of about $5.2-million last year, compared with $5.6-million in 2009.

That's a cut of $400,000. How will he manage? Maybe I could send him Mike Harris's old menu that he provided to those who saw their welfare benefits cut by 42%. Mostly beans and tuna, but at least Louis will be getting his protein. Poor man will have to keep his strength up for the troubling times ahead.

We could send him the senate report on poverty, but Stephen Harper threw it in the trash.

So tune in to our 'Save the Bankers Telethon' and give us your pledges. And please be generous. For a contribution of $1 million or more, you will receive the collectors edition of Goldamn Sachs financial records and a copy of Jim Flaherty's latest book, 'How to Screw the Canadian Taxpayer Without Them Even Knowing It'

Just call 1-8-GREEDYBUMS

(This message brought to you by The Conservative Party of Canada)

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