Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Petition Now Has Over 15,000 Names and Rally For Democracy Planned

The petition to demand that Stephen Harper change the name of the Government of Canada (OUR government) from his government, now has over 15,000 names.

The power of the people is strong.

There is also a planned rally for democracy on Parliament Hill, scheduled for March 19.

Hopefully, corresponding rallies can be held in other communities. It's important to let Stephen Harper know that his actions are unacceptable.

In a three strikes you're out, he has prorogued twice to save his job, costing us millions, and now wants to officially become our unelected dictator.

He controls the senate, has been stacking the courts and has the record for the most patronage appointments, turning the public service into 'those in the service of Stephen Harper'.

Enough is enough. We will walk like those in Wisconsin and Tunisia. And we walk like Egyptians to get our county back, by reminding people how important it is to vote this autocratic, destructive government out.

So on your feet and practice.


  1. This is nothing like anything going on the Middle East. The comparison is specious at best and a horrible undermining of those that sacrificed their lives.

  2. The degree of oppression cannot be measured against other autoritarian regimes. The Canadian working class is suffering at the hands of the corporate elite, and we need an uprising. Ours won't be bloody and will come in the form of an election.

  3. Africa now has more democracy than Canada.

    True story.