Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Official. No More 'Canada' Allowed. It's Harperland Now

We knew it wouldn't be long. First he had all the official portraits taken down and replaced with photographs of himself. Then his MPs signed big cardboard cheques.

Now in the final stage of taking complete control of the country, public servants are no longer allowed to refer to Canada as ... well... Canada.
First it was the "Government of Canada." Then it was "Canada's New Government." Now it's the "Harper Government." Public servants from four different departments have confirmed to The Canadian Press that they received a directive late last year that the words "Government of Canada" in federal communications be replaced with "Harper Government."

The "Harper Government" moniker rose to prominence in 2009 when its use was noted in light of a controversy over Conservative MPs posing with giant, mock government cheques bearing the party logo and MPs' signatures. The practice was stopped for a time. Since December, the "Harper Government" has been showing up again in government communications.
And he's not a dictator? A very sick man.

Join this group. I'm trying to contact AVAAZ for a petition. He has gone way too far this time.

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