Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will the Hallucinogenics That John Baird is Taking Get Him a One Year Mandatory Sentence?

So much to blog on today with the Conservative Party experiencing a collective nervous breakdown.

But I think John Baird has really lost it. He's starting to see things now. But if you want to see the things that John Baird sees, it will cost you $ 500.00.
A month ago, a $500-a-head fundraiser to help John Baird’s re-election efforts noted that “in all likelihood a federal election will be called in 2011.” In a few short weeks, however, that rhetoric has been ramped up considerably. A second email invitation sent around this week suggests the enemy is now at the gate.

“There is a chance that the Ignatieff-led Liberal-Bloc Quebecois-NDP coalition may force an unwanted and unnecessary election on Canadians in 2011,” says the invitation to the Feb. 9 reception. A recipient of the invite, who asked to remain anonymous, noted the change in tone: “Two weeks ago it’s to help John prepare now it’s to come celebrate or vilify the nasty coalition.”
There has never been a Liberal-Bloc Quebecois-NDP coalition. The only coalition with the Bloc was in 2004, and it was a Stephen Harper led Conservative-Bloc Quebecois-NDP coalition.

I think it's time for an intervention. This boy needs to go to rehab.

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