Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Conservatives are Stealing From Us? Why is That News?

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that the Conservatives have been cheating taxpayers by coordinating ads they pay for with ones that we pay for. And to make matters worse, the ads that we pay for are mostly lies. (The ones they pay for are mostly nonsense)
The government ad buy is just the latest surge in a taxpayer-funded Economic Action Plan that some critics have long complained is a thinly veiled propaganda vehicle for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority government. "These sorts of ads are wrong," Gerry Nichols, a conservative pundit and former colleague of Harper at the National Citizen's Coalition, said of the latest campaign in an email. "Canadian taxpayers should not be subsidizing what's essentially partisan political advertising. If politicians want to toot their own horn, they should use their own money."
We can expect more theft of taxpayer money though. Guy Giorno will be running Harper's campaign. When he did this for Mike Harris in Ontario, he spent 45 million tax dollars on signs and millions for taxpayer funded ads. The Giorno run campaigns amounted to the biggest theft of tax money in our history.
"As in 1995, the Tory campaign was a well-executed, generously funded and probably the most undemocratic Electoral campaign that post-war Ontario had witnessed." (1)


1. The Provincial State: Politics in Canada's Provinces and Territories, by Keith Brownsey and Michael Howlett, UTP Higher Education, 2001, ISBN-13: 978-155111368, Pg. 193

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