Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Peter MacKay Vows to Eradicate the Penguin Population

When Captain Robert Scott visited the Antartic in the early 1900s, his crew was shocked when they witnessed the "depraved" sexual conduct of the penguin population.

Scott's medical officer, George Murray Levick, called them "hooligans", and wrote a paper describing in detail, necrophilia, coercion and "non pro-creation sex". The times were not right to distribute his findings among the general population, but a few were printed for scientific research.

Since then further studies have been conducted, revealing something else about the sex lives of these flightless birds.

Sometimes they paid for it.

Penguins need stones to build their nests, and since there is often a shortage of stones, female Adélie Penguins will trade sex for them. Shocking!

Conservative Penguins

There has been a lot of media attention recently over Peter MacKay's Bill 36, legislation that will allow the selling of sex, but criminalize its purchase.

Apparently MacKay has fashioned the bill after the Nordic or Swedish model of dealing with the sex trade. However, what makes MacKay bat s**t crazy, is that he believes he will single handedly end prostitution in Canada.

Even if the Swedish model was working in Sweden, which it isn't, (it has only driven the trade underground), the motivation behind the manoeuvre differs greatly between the two countries.

In Sweden, it was feminist driven, seeing prostitution as the objectification of women. That is certainly true. However, there is a difference between being forced into the trade and choosing it as a career.

Terri-Jean Bedford, the Bedford in Bedford Versus Canada, that resulted in the Supreme Court decision that rendered our out-dated laws unconstitutional, wrote a letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, asking her not to participate in MacKay's nonsense until the Supreme Court can examine it.

The fact is that implementing the law is already proving to be a challenge in Sweden, as police are reluctant to make arrests and the courts reluctant to prosecute. I don't think it will survive.

In Canada, the Conservative government is motivated by misguided morality, emphasizing the stigma placed on any sex outside of the marriage. Unfortunately, Vic Toews didn't get the memo.

Neither did their provincial counterpart in Alberta, Mike Allen, who was arrested in a sting operation, while on government business in Minnesota. Maybe it's okay for Conservatives if you don't actually pay for it yourself, but can get taxpayers to foot the bill.

Conservative MP Robert Goguen, did get the memo, and while on the committee discussing Bill 36, he told the victim of a gang rape, “What I’m saying is you weren’t freely expressing yourself by being raped by three men … If you were rescued, you wouldn’t feel like your rights were violated? You don’t get it. OK.”

The only thing missing was the high fives from his colleagues.

Clearly this government is not concerned with the objectification of women, but simply putting an end to a practice that they find morally repugnant, evidenced by MacKay calling the Mike Allens of the country "perverts".

There are many reasons why men, and even women, seek professional sex services. Few because they are in need of perversion. But as columnist Michael Den Tandt recently suggested, it's none of the government's business.

A better model for this country to have adopted, is that of New Zealand, that has legalized prostitution. It has taken women off the streets and empowered them to set the rules, protected by law enforcement, rather than having to hide from it.

The Conservative Free Market Sex Trade

There are many ways to sell sex and many ways to prostitute yourself.

There is no denying that advertising has become more suggestive, as companies are increasingly pushing the boundaries of sexual content. One area that has seen a move in that direction, is the marketing of children's clothing.

The Canadian Counselling and Physiotherapy Association calls it the Hypersexualization of Tweens and Teens. There's no doubt that this is intentional, and the results troubling to say the least.
Pre-teen clothing market is worth an estimated 150 billion dollars a year. A survey of 15 major pre-teen clothing sites found that 1/3 of apparel was considered ‘sexualized’.

A recent survey showed that 22% of teenage girls report anal sex in the last 60 days.
 It’s estimated that 70-80% of teenage boys watch pornography.
 Another survey showed that 1/3 admit to sending a naked or near naked picture to their ‘crush’

One clothing company actually came out with a line of thong underwear for children with suggestive phrases imprinted on them.

So why are conservatives not attacking the corporate sector's 50 billion dollar child sex trade and unlimited profit from nearly nude sexual advertising?

It is essential to provide an out for those entrapped in the exploitation of sex, but that has to include tackling the root causes of that entrapment, including drug addiction, poverty and abuse.

We can't confuse that with those who willingly have made the sex trade their profession. They are Canadian citizens who need to be treated as such, not vilified when they seek protection from violent acts.

I watched the Doczone documentary Selling Sex, and one sex trade worker suggested that she felt less exploited doing what she was doing, than she did when she was working at a minimum wage job.

This is not a Religious argument, given that apparently God was Ok with it. Concubines, who were usually slaves, were part of the Christian culture. King Solomon had 300 of them.

A nest can be built in many ways, and if a few stones have to be traded in the process, when it's her choice, it's none of our business.

Why should only corporations be allowed to make sex a commodity?


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