Monday, July 28, 2014

More Government Propaganda While Canada Once Again Stands Alone

A very strange Oped piece appeared in the Globe and Mail on the weekend, written by none other than Stephen Harper. It was a follow up to a government announcement that we would be giving the Ukrainian military another 220 million dollars, on top of the 300 million already provided, to assist in their battle with rebel forces.

It reads like a typical propaganda piece, laying all of the blame on Russia's doorstep, for the horrific downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, that killed 298 innocent civilians.

Had this appeared under a different byline, it would simply reflect the views of the author. However, when it comes from the leader of a country, it is something much more.

An official position. And that position is pretty clear. Russia is our sworn enemy.

The United Nations is investigating the incident, and most in the international community are taking a wait and see approach, before becoming judge, jury and executioner.

While there are calls to strip Russia of their right to host the The World Cup in 2018, British Prime Minister David Cameron, is calling for cooler heads to prevail, and FIFA see it as a potential "force for good". It might just be the golden ticket for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, since sanctions don't appear to be working.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot, has actually called Vladimir Putin personally, to discuss the situation. This is something that is no longer an option for Canada, as our government has already burned too many bridges with the Russian leader, making us irrelevant.

Australians still don't approve of Abbot, but do believe he is leading the way in diplomacy, with a position contradictory to Harper's.

It is not inconceivable that the shooting down of the passenger flight was an accident. As the National Post points out, '-Iran Air Flight 655—shot down on July 3, 1988, not by some scruffy rebel on contested soil but by a U.S. Navy captain in command of an Aegis-class cruiser called the Vincennes.'; it's happened before.

The Reagan administration tried to cover it up, but eventually the truth came out, as it no doubt will in this latest tragedy.

Conservative MP, Peter Goldring, is joining Sarah Palin, in calling for an all out war with Russia, reminding us of Harper's Reform Party and their bumper sticker foreign policy. Simple and dangerous solutions to complex issues.

Obama may provide equipment that would help to reveal 'specific locations of surface-to-air missiles controlled by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine so the Ukrainian government could target them for destruction', but with only 17% of Americans supporting military engagement in the area, I doubt he would consider doing anything more.

Besides, the optics may not be good, given that Joe Biden's son now works for a Ukranian company that is pushing for energy independence from Moscow.

So what is Harper's endgame here? Is he trying to earn some respect, given his abysmal record on foreign policy?

In 2003, when Leader of the Opposition, he spoke out in favour of Canada joining the U.S. In Iraq, and now that country is in shambles, with 63% of Republicans believing that it was a mistake.

He escalated our involvement in Afghanistan, and now the Taliban is stronger than ever, even winning in areas they never held before the invasion.

Canada led in the regime change in Libya, and despite spending $800,000 on a "victory" celebration, Libya is in a bloody mess. Republicans blame Obama, but who should we blame?

Engaging in a war of words, with an enemy he will never have to actually fight, (despite the views of the crazy wing in his Party), is a safe way to inflate his ego. However, I think there may be another motive.

Vladimir Putin was tanking in the polls, until he took a firm stand on Western interference in the Ukraine. Now his popularity with Russian citizens is overwhelming.

Is Stephen Harper hoping that by taking a firm and very public stand with Russia, that Canadians will view him as not so bad after all, despite his horrendous policies?

Could be.

Sadly, it might just work.


  1. .. there will be no rescue of Stephen Harper.. or his dull Rapture cadres.. His legacy is tar sand toast, obstruction & denial, electoral fraud, Parliamentary interference, antipathy of First Nations, environmental destruction.. plus a welcome mat to China to take over our resources future, funding. control or direction..

  2. The evidence is in and conclusive, the Ukraine fighter jet shot down MH17, with air-air missiles. All the rest of the noise has been proven wrong, Check globalresearch dot ca and Truth-out dot org (two of many credible independent sites) for the background info that leads me to that conclusion. The "Deleted BBC report" article is particularly enlightening.

    The real story is that the US is extremely desperate to derail the BRICS and Non-Aligned nations efforts. There was a BRICS Conference earlier in July (not that you read about it in the Cdn or US corporate media) where the final touches on the BRICS Bank and Development Fund were finalized. The BRICS are also setting up a multi-currency monetary-trading system, independent of the US-dollar system. The biggest world financial news since the Euro or Bretton Woods and not a mention.

    Putin also forgave Cuba over $30Billion in USSR-era debt, while visiting Raul and Fidel.

    Xi Jinping was also at the Conference, and cut some major deals with Argentina as well as other BRICS nations. Argentina is not yet a BRICS member, but was invited to the Conference... by Russia.

    Without US-petro-dollar, IMF/World Bank hegemony, the US will be left with naked militarism to get its way. This is why the US/Harper are pushing so hard on TTIP and TPP, so that those hidden clauses preventing nations from passing or enforcing laws that protect civil rights, control financial matters and protect the environment, which corporations or secret international tribunals may not like.

    We are watching an Empire die. Will it go gracefully or try to destroy the rest of the world as it goes?

    Harper has put us on the wrong side of this. We can only hope the rest of the world forgives us once Trudeau is PM. We'll need Russia and China to prevent the US from annexing Canada like it did half of Mexico when it suited their Manifest Destiny. The US will need the tar sands output, especially if the rest of the world takes its pound of flesh... this could get nasty.

  3. But unlike Russia, Canada is not under any challenge from any overt external threat.

    1. You might want to notice we are the meat in a nuclear-armed sandwich. And as a resource-power, Russia would like to control the oil/tar patch and Cdn mining sector as much as the US now does. We may want to brush up on our Russian, focusing on phrases like "how bad is the radiation today?"

      Not all that likely as things stand now, but if the US decides to go nuclear, rather than accept former-empire status, all bets are off.

  4. The BRIC´s looking at an alternative reserve urrency is being Hidden by the MSM? Ever read the Financial Post? In Canada? Daily. Ever read ROB? It´s just partisan politics 4u.