Friday, February 24, 2012

Why are we so Shocked to Learn that the Conservatives Stole the Election?

During the G20 in Toronto, when Canadian citizens were being arrested, beaten and shot with rubber bulletts, simply for engaging in their democratic right to protest, at Charles McVety's Christian College, another event was taking place.

With an election on the horizon, Harper's point man to the Religious Right, was hosting a seminar with none other than Karl Rove, the man who helped to steal two elections for George Bush.

McVety also runs the Canadian chapter of Christians United For Israel, a frightening and Apocalyptic Christian fundamentalist group, that promotes the nuclear annihilation of the Middle East.  Apparently that's what God wants them to do.

The Christian College had previously hosted an election stealing seminar with Ralph Reed, attended by Jim Flaherty and several Conservative operatives.

The fruits of their labour were finally realized in May of 2011, when Stephen Harper got his majority. 

However, it was the manner in which he obtained this goal that is now in question.  Not questionable at all though, given the fact that they learned from the best American democracy thieves:  Rove and Reed. (and for Harper the late Paul Weyrich)

Of course, Harper is again claiming not to know about the bogus phone calls, that have led right back to the Conservative Party.  He is "promising" to get to the bottom of it.

Just like he promised to investigate the election financing scheme that brought him to power in 2006.  Instead, he sued us, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And let's not forget the Cadman affair, when a dying man was bribed for his vote.  Stephen Harper didn't know about that either, and when a tape was produced suggesting otherwise, he claimed that it was doctored.  An FBI forensic lab proved that he was lying.

Again, he sued instead of explaining himself.

For a man with such unprecedented control, it's hard to believe that he wasn't aware of what was happening right under his nose.

This makes him either a first class liar or the stupidest man in the country, neither good attributes for a leader.

I think Elections Canada must determine that the last election was a fraud.  I doubt the NDP would want that, however, so what they should do is simply hold bi-elections in all of the ridings that Conservatives won through voter suppression and bogus telemarketing smear campaigns.

If they get away with this, it means that we will allow them to get away with anything.


  1. They do seem to get away with anything, however, Emily. I've never heard of such terrible things as those perpetrated by The Harper Government, and yet they are still in Ottawa.
    How do they get away with it?

  2. It's a puzzle. This one might stick though, especially since in the U.S. they are warning of the same thing in their next election.

  3. Great post,Emily.
    Anyone wanting to "Demand a Public Inuiry"or more information can go here:
    Leadnow | Robocall Scandal: Demand answers

  4. what about the "mistake" made by CBC that saw elections results
    stated early and those poor sould in the close 905 906 areas that had poor english staying home
    thinking the election was over !
    Or plants helping to elect a weak or easy to vilify candidate!
    A must see on spying and the big cash behind the online spying ,outlined big time please pass this on

  5. I sent my message demanding a full inquiry. The firing of a single staffer just won't cut it.

  6. I think this one may stick because it is so easy to understand. Hoping. . .

  7. What are you talking about? There's still no evidence the Conservatives were involved in this.

  8. There are pictures of the head of company involved boarding Conservative campaign place. But then again, I supopose he was just a stowaway

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    Team 404 =)