Wednesday, February 8, 2012

China Must be Called to Task Over Human Rights Violations

Stephen Harper is visiting China for trade talks, and many believe that as the heads of the two countries meet, human rights issues must be addressed.

Warning:  These stories may be disturbing.

 - A vocal opponent of the government and an advocate for human rights, is routinely questioned.  They also target his associates and friends warning them that the man is an anarchist, despite the fact that he is merely a vocal opponent of the government . (1)

 - A popular U.S. journalist is stopped at the border and held for 90 minutes as officials search her papers and computer then demand to know what she will be speaking about when in the country. (2)

- Foreign lecturers are routinely banned if it is deemed that their views contradict government policy (3)

- Without even engaging in protests, citizens are harassed on the chance that they might. (4)

- The government regularly monitors newspapers, broadcasts, and websites. (5)

- Policing at protests is militarized. (6)

- Journalists are silenced (7), arrested (8), intimidated by police (9) and held hostage (10).

- Books are banned (11), scientists (12), whistle blowers (13) and police (14) are silenced.

- University professors are targeted. (15)

- Anyone protesting government policy is automatically deemed to be an enemy of the state. (16)

- The country is even being investigated for possible war crimes. (17)

And things are not much better in China.

The media is criticizing Stephen Harper's down on his knees begging for Chinese exports, as being hypocritical.  For years he purposely shunned them, saying that some things were more important than the "almighty dollar".

However, I think the real hypocrisy is coming from the Canadian people.  We are demanding that China be held to account for its human rights abuses, while ignoring the growing number of human rights abuses at home.
"Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see." -  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. Such a hypocrite, isn't he? Imagine him ever saying some things are more important than the almighty dollar! (Unless the dollars are going into his pockets or the pockets of his friends.)
    I'm sure Harper is now going to China to get advice on how to deal with scientists, protestors, and Liberal university professors.

  2. I began by feeling a bit dismayed about what seemed to be a fashionable criticism of China, but when I saw the line, "And things are not much better in China" I laughed out loud.

    Good job! I don't always agree with you (I don't think there's any political party left to us that isn't in on the global agenda), but I admire your literacy, your common sense, and my gawd your energy!

    A friend of mine recently returned from a visit to China and remarked that the Chinese people spoke freely regarding both the faults and the good things about their government, just like we do in Canada - except that right now it's hard to think of a good thing to say about the government.

  3. Harpercrite is the biggest Tarsands Snake Oil Salesman that Canada has ever had. He doesn't work for Canadians, he works for oil companies and he couldn't care less about human rights or workers' rights. I can't believe that our taxpayer dollars are paying this FAILURE to sell dirty oil around the world and bankrupt our nation at the same time. Canada is truly in dire straights right now.