Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is the Media Playing to Harper's Base? Are they Harper's Base?

Eric Grenier had a column in the Globe and Mail: Liberals trump Tories on Twitter and Facebook, but Harper rules Google roost

The headline suggests that the Google results are equal to the social media of Facebook and Twitter. But Grenier misses the obvious.

The Liberals are ahead in "followers", but Stephen Harper in "mentions".

So I had a little fun, and did a google search of my own.

'Stephen Harper is a dictator' - 126,000 results

'is a bully' - 48,700 results

'is a fascist' - 60,600 results

'is a control freak' - 24,900 results

'is evil' - 284,000 results

'is mean' - 534,000 results

'is a neoconservative' - 98,900

'is secretive' - 474,000 results

'and the Religious Right' - 297,000 results

So for all of Harper's base who are thumping their chests because Harper rules google, you might want to read what people are saying about him and be careful what you wish for. I talk about Stephen Harper everyday. Enough said.

And to Eric Grenier. I just googled my own name 'Emily Dee', and guess what? 4,130,000 results. And I googled Eric Grenier - 8,790,000 results.

You should at least pretend that you are writing an unbiased piece. Harper's hallelujah chorus has enough people singing off key.


  1. I did an advanced search for the sentence, "Stephen Harper cares about Canadians." There were no matches at all.
    Then I did one for "Stephen Harper will protect public health care." There were no matches.
    And then I searched for
    "Stephen Harper listens to the will of the people." 260,000 responses. Seems like a lot but is isn't much for the leader of a democracy!

  2. Oh, and only 116,000 results for "Stephen Harper respects Parliament."

  3. First, despite the perception CAPP (Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook Page) members are university and college students or recent graduates with active social lives, half of the respondents are 45 years of age or older.



  4. 392,000: Stephen Harper is Treasonous,...
    255,000: Stephen Harper Does Not Listen,...
    Afraid to Continue! lol
    P.S.: Emily,...I MUCH prefer YOUR #'s!