Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ezra Levant Reminds us of the Wonderful Democratic Protests in Egypt

I love Ezra Levant. Whenever he writes about anything you know that the opposite is true, so he is our honesty meter. If Levant writes about it, it's because the neocons are having trouble selling us on it.

And he didn't disappoint, with his blather about the protests in Egypt.
The dictatorship in Egypt is despicable. But the "democracy" protest there is fake. Unconfirmed press reports put the number of protesters in Cairo's Liberation Square at 50,000. Greater Cairo has a population of 19 million people. But the press loved it. Google News lists 20,000 news stories about the protests. And those are just the ones written in English. Al Jazeera, the Arab satellite TV channel known for its sympathy for Islamic terrorism, had non-stop coverage of the rally. That's a clue.
The "TV channel known for its sympathy for Islamic terrorism."

Don't hold back Ezzy. You almost sounded intelligent for about two lines, though you lost me at 'fake'. Al Jazeera does have a live feed, but they hardly support terrorism.

This protest in Egypt is one of the most democratic movements in decades. It's inspiring and thought provoking. As Murray Dobbin writes:
The world is now totally focused on the democratic rebellion in Egypt. President Hosni Mubarak, the dictator who Israel relies on for its current unassailable position, sends out the army to deal with demonstrators and what happens? The soldiers, including officers, joined with them, hugging them, kissing them, shaking hands and sharing posters and banners calling on Mubarak – a coward and autocrat in the pocket of the US and Israel – to resign, and demanding democracy.
The soldiers support the demonstrators. Here we get beat up when we protest and are told by officers that we are no longer in Canada. Do we need to move to Egypt to have our voices heard?

Former Canadian prime minister, Kim Campbell, was on Bill Maher this week, and she said that she has been to Egypt many times and has friends from the growing middle class, who are tired of being told that they don't matter. They also faced brutality, witch hunts and mass arrests under their dictator.

As David Climenhaga says:
There's a certain laugh-out-loud irony to the spectacle of the Canadian government, whose own police thugs beat peaceful protesters in the streets of the nation's largest city last June, lecturing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak about the need to make his police take it easy on protesters in the streets of his country's largest city just now. Presumably Mubarak is too busy at this moment to point this out to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his sanctimonious crew ...
Pot meet kettle.

And as usual our government is botching any rescue attempts for Canadian citizens.
The Conservative government denies its Egyptian rescue effort is in disarray, even as Canadians in Egypt say they cannot get through to embassy personnel, and Ottawa’s emergency voice mailbox was full. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon called it a “technical glitch” that was fixed at about 10:45 a.m. Monday.
Apparently the phone number given was wrong.

Reminds me of Harper's attempt to rescue Canadian citizens from Lebanon during the Israeli attack. A great photo-op, but a lousy rescue. And he also took Israel's side against Canadians. The first of many times.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper may now come under domestic pressure to take a tougher line on Israel's actions. On Thursday he described the Israeli attacks as justified and measured.In Ottawa, CTV television said around 2,000 protestors gathered on Parliament Hill to protest against the Israeli attacks and Harper's words. "Killing children is not a 'measured response,"' read one banner.Several hundred demonstrators also gathered in Montreal to oppose the Israeli attacks.
I'm rooting for the Egyptian people in this. Maybe it will wake up Canada's middle class to depose (by that I mean vote out. Sit down Dimitri Soudas) our dictator.

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