Friday, July 9, 2010

Harper's Plan For Fire Sale of AECL May be Going up in Smoke

Just days after Jim Flaherty told New Yorkers that Canada was for sale and would be going cheap, and Guy Giorno promised an election if the senate doesn't rush through his ridiculous omnibus bill, Harper is finding that people are not lining up to buy a leaky reactor.

It remains uncertain whether the would-be buyers are willing to pay a price that Ottawa would find acceptable, including the assumption of AECL’s liabilities. And the announcement from New Brunswick undermines confidence in the company, although AECL’s call for private financing of new reactors had made it a long shot.

“I get the impression there’s not a heck of a lot of interest” in buying control of AECL, said Bryne Purchase, a former deputy minister of energy in Ontario and now a professor of energy policy at Queen’s University.

He added that any buyer would be unlikely to assume AECL’s liabilities, and might demand additional guarantees from Ottawa to support the company in the international marketplace.

Not to worry about government support. If Jim Flaherty can bail out our banks to the tune of 200 billion dollars, in exchange for 125 billion in "rotten paper", he'll do anything if it means sticking it to taxpayers again.

Wonder if we've got anymore of the Queen's stuff laying around they can pawn. We may need it.

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