Friday, July 9, 2010

Guy Lauzon No Longer Proud to be Canadian

The people of Cornwall were somewhat surprised that Reformer Guy Lauzon did not extend Canada Day wishes.

Can't say I blame him. It's not like his government has given us reason to celebrate. Still it would have been nice if he had at least put in an effort.

"I’ve sent Mr. Lauzon three emails. An initial one, a follow up reminder, and today stating that it’d be nice if he’d join our MPP Mr. Brownell, and Mayor (along with our distinguished City Council) in greeting the more than 20,000 viewers of our fine Newspaper and Radio station a fine Canada Day. Perhaps he’s busy."

"Yeah, he’s busy spending more of our money to send out his propaganda newsletter again… I predict at least 8 pages or more.. probably going to tell us how productive the G20 was (not). But yeah, its disgraceful that he cannot join in, even for the birthday of our country."

"Or maybe he had to fill out one of those “MER” forms or whatever they were, so that he can be allowed by the PMO to greet us with a Happy Canada Day message, since we know he cannot speak for himself…"

I just learned that Jamie Gilcig of the Cornwall Free News will be running against Lauzon for the Green Party, next election. They are very lucky to have this young man. He has created a great newspaper and stays on top of things in his community.

Good luck Jamie.

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