Friday, July 9, 2010

Harper at it Again With Patronage Appointments

Stephen Harper already held the record for the most patronage appointments, but I guess he wants to make sure his record can never be broken.

Clearly it's not who you know but who he knows.
The latest appointments went y with little notice in the media, possibly because it has become almost business as usual, possibly because it got lost in Twitter and the relentless cycle of web page news and blogs. But over the past two weeks Prime Minister Harper and his cabinet named Mr. Silye, a former Calgary Reform Party and Progressive Conservative MP, as chair of the board of the federal Museum of Science and Nature in Ottawa. Ms. Skelton became a member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, responsible for civilian oversight of Canada's spy agency—the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Her government appointment resume lists her pre-political job experience as a coordinator for Canadian Blood Services, with experience in organizations ranging from 4-H to the Royal Canadian Legion.

Silye is also on the board of Jason Kenney's old haunt, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

It's no wonder the Reformers don't believe they could be ahead in the polls. How can we trust them when they don't even trust themselves?


One more patronage appointment - another senator.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed Toronto-area realtor and former Conservative candidate Salma Ataullahjan to the Senate to fill a vacancy for Ontario. Ataullahjan, who immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in 1979, lost to Liberal MP Navdeep Bains in the southern Ontario riding of Mississauga-Brampton South in the 2008 federal election.

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