Friday, July 9, 2010

Does Jim Prentice Still Have a Job Now That Harper Has Abandoned the Environment?

Months ago Stephen Harper stated that he was going to use the G20 to convince the world's wealthiest nations to abandon tackling climate change until the economy was improved.

Then he went on a spending spree.

Then he went on another spending spree.

Then he went on a two and a half month vacation costing millions.

Then he went on another spending spree.

And to address the oil spill Harper has hired oilmen and no scientists. He hates scientists.
BP disastrous blowout has prompted both Canada and the United States to review offshore oil and gas drilling, but the results could be dramatically different given the contrasting nature of the panels charged with charting a new course for the industry. While U.S. President Barack Obama has appointed a panel of prominent people with virtually no ties to the industry, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is relying for advice on the National Energy Board, many of whose board members come straight from the energy sector.
And he also has the Chamber of Commerce pushing to abandon action on climate change, like he needed a push.

Canada’s largest and most influential business organization has launched a lobbying campaign urging Canadian senators to kill legislation requiring the government to deliver a science-based plan to fight global warming and provide
regular reports on its progress.
A "science based" plan. Did I mention that Stephen Harper hates science?

But he least he got some pretty pictures.

Where Harper has come under increasing criticism is his environmental policy, or, his lack of commitment to any truly serious program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of the day all the photo ops in the world with international leaders won't be able to compensate for a foreign policy which only satisfied Harper himself
So I don't know what Jim Prentice is doing. Maybe he's in charge of stocking "fake lake" with fake fish.

I guess all we can do is laugh.

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