Friday, July 2, 2010

Breaking News! Guy Giorno's Cardboard Cutout has Been Kidnapped

So while the cutout was lounging around fake lake, and the one billion dollar security team were protecting the "vandals" and beating up citizens, something horrible happened.

A thief nabbed Guy Giorno's cardboard cutout.

He thought it was safe, so has spent the last few days hanging by his ankles in his favourite cave. Then he got the news. What is he going to use now as a stand in to lead this country? His Mike Harris cardboard cutout has been worn out, and the 'Stevie' is who knows where? He may just have to step out of the shadows himself.

C'mon Giorno. You're the one spending all our money. The least you could do is treat us to a smile now and then.

I did hear that there was a ransom demand of seven trillion dollars, but the Canadian people are clear. That is simply not enough money to take him back. They'll have to come up with more.

In the meantime there is a petition:

How long will Canadians be prepared for the sake of avoiding an election to allow an unethical government which has engaged in fraudulent practices, and evasive techniques, and unscrupulous actions, govern?How much longer will a compliant Governor General support such practices, techniques and action? The Governor General erred twice in dissolving and proroguing Parliament, (Under Article VI) of her letters patent. Now she must correctly use her residual powers under Article V - remove Harper from office ... No other country, other than established dictatorships, would tolerate Harper's abuse of power.

I know of a Toronto Transit worker who would like to see him gone, after falling victim to Harper's Police State.

A TTC fare collector spent a “terrifying” 36 hours in custody after being arrested in uniform on his way to work during Saturday’s G20 summit protests. Benjamin Elroy Yau, 37, said he was walking along College St. to the Queen’s Park subway station before his 6 p.m. shift when two police officers “tackled” him to the ground and yelled at him to stop resisting arrest.

But he's not the only Torontonian upset with the Harper dictatorship. The list is growing:

Last weekend, when our federal government put Canada’s largest city in harm’s way, the list of victims went way beyond the people who were needlessly arrested and the owners of the shops whose windows were smashed.

Last heard, Giorno was cutting out an image of Jason Kenney, but he can't his head through the door.

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