Friday, July 2, 2010

List of Canadians Demanding Full Public Inquiry into G20 Violence is Growing

Chris White started a social networking group demanding a full public inquiry into police violence at the G20 protests. There are now almost 35,000 members.

What we saw this past weekend was eye opening. A diligent group of Canadians are piecing together video and tracked one young man from the torching of a police car to marching in the street This is the guy. Now does he look like an anarchist to you? He is clean shaven and wearing a flak jacket.

We've also learned that the police were told NOT to try and stop the vandalism but to "stand down". This despite the fact that they were trained to end this kind of activity. Many are quite upset that they weren't allowed to their job.

And the cache of weapons they proudly displayed for the benefit of Harper's media:
Police are living in a fantasy world if they think arrows on display Tuesday had anything to do with the weekend G20 violence, a Whitby man said Wednesday. Brian Barrett was shocked to go online Tuesday and see a photo gallery showing toy weapons seized from him while en route to Mississauga for a fantasy role-playing game.

His hand-made scale armour, cushion-tipped arrows and hockey-taped shields were among the items Toronto Police chief Bill Blair said were “seized from criminals” who wreaked havoc on the city Saturday. They weren’t the only misleading items on display during a Tuesday press conference. When Blair was asked about a chainsaw and crossbow, he agreed they had been seized from a man near The Esplanade in an incident unrelated to the G20 summit.

There is also a growing demand for the release of detainees who have had their civil liberties stripped in the name of Harper's Canada, a country I no longer recognize.

And still others demanding why an untendered contract worth 453 million dollars was given to a California based company to provide "security". The National Post asked for a breakdown of this contract and were told "to help the RCMP". Help them do what?

And the Ontario government was forced by Stephen Harper to expedite the licensing of a company he had hired that were not authorized to operate in Ontario.

The Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services says it is scrambling to grant a licence to Contemporary Security Canada after the Harper government awarded security contracts for the two summits to the Vancouver-based company even though the firm isn't legally allowed to operate in Ontario. It's an extremely unusual circumstance," said Laura Blondeau, a spokeswoman for Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services. "We found out about it after the fact.... In Ontario, if you are not a licensed agency, it's a nonstarter. This is the hand with which we were dealt."

Mr. "H" and his puppet master, Mr. "G", have got some explaining to do.

And while the media was covering the government sanctioned vandalism, they missed the legitimate protests. I guess that's the way Harper wanted it. Will he ever be held accountable?

He won't unless we demand it.

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