Monday, November 9, 2009

We Need to Have an Adult Conversation About Jim Prentice's Future

Jim Prentice has had his chance. He promised action but so far he has done no better than Rhona Ambrose or John Baird. This government is simply not taking climate change seriously and we are getting further and further behind.

Denying Canada's environmental truths
Ottawa has offered a false choice between economic growth and environmental progress
Toronto Star
November 8, 2009

To understand the challenge of tackling climate change in Canada, picture a 10-year old boy. We'll call him "Johnny," but you can go with "Stephen" if you prefer. Although he's a smart kid, Johnny gets into trouble for not starting his climate homework until the last second. Often he's too busy playing in the oil-sands box to clean his room, so he hides everything under the bed and hopes no one notices. And while the big kids are headed to Clean Energy University, Johnny won't have a chance of getting in unless he improves his D grade in global warming.

Ready or not, we think Canada needs to have an adult conversation about tackling climate change. That's why we worked with the David Suzuki Foundation to produce a detailed report on the government policies needed to cut Canada's emissions. We hired a leading economic analysis firm – one that the federal and Alberta governments have used – to model what it means for Canada's economy ....


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