Sunday, November 8, 2009

University Students Flash for Action on Global Warming

I love this video. University students getting involved. Very cute and so honest. We should all be humbled.

David Suzuki has launced a new campaign. Check it out.

Call the PM and David Suzuki calls you

Stop climate change, talk to David Suzuki and win a new jacket — all with one phone call. Here's how it works:

- Find a friend to take a video of you calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper. You can reach him by dialing (613)992-4211, although you're probably going to have to leave a message. Make sure you tell him how you want Canada to be a leader at the UN Climate Summit this December.

- Share your video on our website.

The top five storytellers will win a personal call from David Suzuki or score a jacket (cause you'll need to keep warm while preventing global warming!). Deadline for entries is Nov. 16.

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