Saturday, August 29, 2015

NDP Plan Rally to Dishonour Two Fallen Canadian Soldiers

Stagnating in public support, the NDP are trying desperately to get back to the days when the passion over Bill C-51; the omnibus bill that is now law, and changes many laws; gave them a bump in the polls.  To do that they are planning rallies against the Liberals over Harper's C-51.

The media will still have to wear their complicity, in the nonsense that blamed Justin Trudeau, and let Stephen Harper off the hook, in their attempt to become kingmakers.  However, they have forgotten an important fact.

Two Canadian soldiers were killed on Canadian soil.

The sister of one, welcomed tougher security laws, so hoping that her brother had not died in vain.  No one can argue that the Harper government took it too far, but the anti-terrorism portion of the law can be amended.  We cannot bring back these two young men, but every sign carried is being used to kill them over and over again.

For heaven sakes let them rest in peace.

Olivia Chow is going to lead the charge.  I don't know when she became heartless, but maybe someone needs to send her a picture of those soldiers, with the names of their grieving family members.

If she can still protest after that, then she has no business wanting to be a member of our government.

This has never been the Canadian way.  We don't spit on soldiers graves.


  1. Replies
    1. This whole thing started with the death of two Canadian soldiers. Harper exploited them to create C-51

      He was wrong to use them but the NDP are wrong to forget them.

      How would you feel if they were your family members? They get some closure with the bill but then have to look in horror at the protests.

      We need to show them some respect.

    2. Trudeau was wrong in supporting C51 NDP are correct in reminding people of that fact. In doing so it is in no way disrespectful to the two soldiers. Using them as an excuse to destroy our Charter and our liberties that they stood for is disrespectful.

  2. Trudeau was not wrong and Mulcair was hinting at doing the same thing. Neither wanted Harper to use it against them by painting them as soft on terror. At the time, most Canadians supported those measures, in large part because we lost those two young men. And of course the fear of a legitimate terror act.

    Most of the opposition came after the headlines and blaming Trudeau, when the NDP let Harper off the hook and the media saw a chance for a bit of a drama.

    It was no longer Harper's bill.

    But in the circus they created, they forgot those two young soldiers and their families. Few even mentioned them..

    As future historians judge this period, they will not be kind to Harper's exploitation, the NDP's insensitivity and the media's complicity in both.