Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jim Flaherty Joins the GOP in Bid to Stick it to Workers

I can understand now why Stephen Harper claims to only watch American news.  How else can his government follow the trends, though the GOP are lagging?

Jim Flaherty announced an increase in payroll taxes ages ago.

The parties who claim to support lower taxes are instead increasing them, though only for those lucky enough to still have jobs.  Wealthy citizens have seen their taxes reduced dramatically on both sides of the border.

Flaherty is now framing his tax hike as only half of what he originally threatened.  The GOP just says take a hike.  Someone has to pay for the Bush tax cuts for the greedy.

Flaherty is also warning provinces to start cutting back on healthcare now at a time when our population is aging, and we need it the most.  "Canadians have to understand that everyone will have to pay their share."

Their share of what?  Their share of planes with no engines so Lockheed Martin can prosper?  Their share of nuclear submarines?  Their share of new uniforms for the Monarchist league?  Their share of new prisons when our crime rate is at its lowest in history?  Their share of corporate tax cuts?  Their share of blood for oil wars?


I can think of many ways to find the necessary funds for healthcare.  How about cutting the size of cabinet and their Parliamentary secretaries for a start?