Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Neocon Barbeque Cooks up a Plate of Ignorance

If you are wondering what Stevie is up to this summer, besides bombing for oil, wonder no more. He's cooking up neocon burgers, hold the lettuce, with his buddy Rob Ford.

I hope their insurance covers having both those men at the same event. Talk about high risk.

Harper is praising Ford for "cleaning up" something that wasn't really messy in the first place. But it soon will be.

Ford plans to close the libraries (can't have people reading. They might get ideas), sell the zoo and cut back on police. This after campaigning on putting more cops on the beat.

From an interview with the Globe's editorial board during his campaign:

Question: Do you honestly believe that adding police officers is a good use of money when the crime rate is dropping?

Ford: "I don’t think we can ever have enough police officers. Do you want 22 extra politicians ... or do you want 100 police officers? And a majority of police have said, I’d rather have 100 police officers. I truly believe that we can run this city with 22 politicians".

Neocons don't need politicians, only salesmen, because everything will be sold. Everything. If Tim Hudak helps to create the perfect storm in Ontario, there will be nothing left.

What little Mike Harris left us with, will be gone. Ford's father was a Harris MPP, so he learned from the master.

Yesterday, the big topic of conversation was that the interim federal NDP leader, Nycole Turmel, was a card carrying member of the Bloc.

This on top of learning that several new NDP MPs are Quebec sovereignists and that Jack Layton had promised that if he was ever prime minister he would repeal the Clarity Act.

Harper made a rare public appearance to state that the leader of a federal party should be committed to Canada.

This from a man who has erased our borders and sold us off to the Americans a piece at a time.

So even if every single NDP was a separatist, they would still be far more devoted to Canada than Harper ever thought of being.

I so dread these next four years.


  1. My Ol' pal Jerky LeBoeuf points out:
    "The article - or should I say the event itself - is stuffed "to the gills" with subliminal Christian Dominionist rhetoric, trigger-words and concepts. These two are positioning themselves as "Fishers of Men", saviors delivering the Great Unwashed to the salvation doctrine of Movement Conservatism. Read between the lines and it's obvious (to me anyway).
    More reason to work to get these huys out of office.

  2. Re: “NDP’s Turmel owes Canadians an explanation” (Editorial, Aug. 2).

    Canadian politicians who have switched parties include Lucien Bouchard, Jean Charest, Bob Rae, Pierrette Venne, Marcel Masse, Rodrigue Biron, Richard Holden, Jake Epp, Preston Manning, Ernie Eves, John Crosbie, Stephen Harper (a former Young Liberal), Paul Hellyer, Ralph Klein, Rahim Jaffer, Mario Dumont, Jack Layton (former head of the Liberal Party Quebec Youth Wing), Alexa McDonough, Thérèse Casgrain, Hazen Argue, Ujjal Dosanjh, Eugene Forsey, Elijah Harper, Laurier LaPierre, John Nunziata, Denis Lazure, Jean Lapierre, Stéphane Dion, Gilles Duceppe, René Lévesque and Pierre Trudeau.

    So can someone kindly explain why so many are people bent out of shape over Nycole Turmel?

    Matthew Cope, Westmount

    Read more:

    Oh and you can add Thomas Mulcair. Except in his case, it's his third party.