Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pierre Poilievre Continued: Poor Behavioral Controls

Another aspect of a sociopath is a person with poor behavioural controls or impulses. Poilievre is well known for outbursts and outrageous antics.

When his party was being investigated for the "In and Out" election financing scheme, he would chant "in and out, in and out", causing a great uproar, as his colleagues chimed in.

Not long after the swearing incident above, he was caught on tape using an obscene hand gesture and when the speaker of the house was discussing his lewd behaviour, he started doing a pixie dance, much to the amusement of his party, who had to be told to settle down.

He has attacked transgenders, who were in need of sex change operations, stating that the "federal government should hold back any health fund transfers used for this purpose."

He has accused opposition members of being anti-Semitic, based on even the slightest hint that Israel should be held accountable for it's actions in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And when I say slightest, it is always ever so slight.

Randal Denley in the Ottawa Citizen once asked: Is Poilievre fit to hold public office?

I don't think so, and if it's true that he is being groomed to be party leader, and possibly prime minister some day, we could be in serious trouble.

He always speaks without thinking and that is certainly not a good trait in a leader.

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