Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Bill C-51 Has Taken Away My Freedom of Speech

In February of this year, Thomas Walkom wrote of the NDP and Bill C-51.

The party hadn't yet decided on what position they should take, as the best route to a political advantage.
By all indications, they will vote against Bill C-51. Mulcair signaled that again this week when he compared the sweeping security bill to Ottawa’s use of the War Measures Act 1970. 
That’s when most (but not all) New Democrat MPs voted against then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s decision to suspend civil rights across Canada in order to deal with two political kidnappings in Quebec.
As we know, it wasn't that simple, but let's move on.
Indications were that Mulcair would oppose the bill, so the next concern was how to frame that opposition.  
In the end, they chose that rather than highlight the content of the bill, in part because there are a few necessary elements; they would instead focus on the lack of oversight.
In March, Althea Raj reported for Huffington Post, that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals would be supporting Bill C-51, but only because, as Justin explained, they didn't want Stephen Harper to "make hay of it".
How could they have known that Thomas Mulcair loved hay.  When he was in the Quebec legislature, if he could find a microphone and a camera, he'd chew it up like a hungry goat.
So they had their campaign.  They would blame it all on Justin, as silly as that was.
Now, as a Liberal supporter, I cannot have a conversation with an NDP supporter about Bill C-51, without facing a barrage of Justin visceral.  Even when you remind them that Stephen Harper has a majority and that the bill would  have been passed anyway, they are relentless.
I now find myself defending a bill that is indefensible.
They have taken away my freedom of speech, by not allowing any other opinion than their own.  How did this get so screwed up? 
Moving to the Right Comes With a Right Left (?) Wing Noise Machine
Newly re-crowned Bloc leader, Gilles Duceppe, has found a different political climate than when he stepped down in 2011.  He's absolutely right.
I have not been blogging much since then, but have noticed a remarkable change on my return.  I used to be inundated with comments and emails from Conservative supporters, opposed to my criticisms of Stephen Harper.  Even when ethical issues were raised, they would defend him mercilessly
And if they ran out of silly comments, they would always fall back on Adscam.
I'm getting the same thing from this new breed of NDP supporters.  I can't open my mouth or type a word, unless I'm wearing a helmet.  
I received a few email notifications from an old Facebook group, I had belonged to: Canadians Rallying Against Stephen Harper or C.R.U.S.H., so I thought I'd check it out.  We were more than just a Facebook group in 2011, when it was formed.  We raised funds and published ads in newspapers, reminding Canadians why Stephen Harper had to go.
But apparently it has either been hi-jacked or the name plaguerized, with the addition of 'and expose Justin Trudeau'.
When I noticed that most comments were hyper-partisan NDP glorification, I asked it the site was no longer non-partisan, but simply an NDP support group.  I was given a short answer "yes".
Sucker for punishment, I responded to some of the anti-Justin stuff, surrounding their Bill C-51 distortions. You don't want to do that, trust me. 
Finally, fed up, I posted a link to the right-wing MacDonald-Laurier Institute on the subject. If they thought I was a Conservative troll, I knew I'd get blocked and avoid the continuation of a  futile venture that would only make me lose perspective.

UPDATE:  Good News.  Fortunately I was right. C.R.U.S.H was plagiarized by a spin off group kicked out for hyper partisanship and nonsense.  The real C.R.U.S.H. is alive and well and still fighting the good fight.  You can find them  here. 
In 2011, all opposition members worked together for a common goal.  My social media friends knew that I was supporting the Liberal Party, just as I knew they were supporting the NDP or Green.  It didn't matter.  We could agree to disagree.
Fortunately, most of those NDP supporters from that time, have not changed.  Many are also upset with the direction the party has taken, and not happy with the leadership of Thomas Mulcair.
Conservative NDP Talking Points Now Pass for Political Debate
What I had noticed when I used to have to deal with Conservative supporters, was their use of talking points in any argument.  There was a reason for this.  Those talking points could be found on the Conservative Party website, where their flock was encouraged to track internet postings and challenge conflicting views.
Now I find that the NDP are using the same strategy.  They are  calling on "truth warriors" to find "lies" and correct them.  Bizarre.

 Susan Delacourt also recently published a piece on political party communication.
Last December, speaking to a crowd of NDP partisans in B.C., Mulcair advised them to monitor the media for examples of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau being mentioned before the NDP. In that case, Mulcair urged his followers, “write them (the media) a letter. Give them s---.”
As if the media wouldn't catch on after just a few such letters.  Maybe we need to phrase our posts, something like:  "Thomas Mulcair is an idiot and Justin Trudeau is not."  Or maybe just put this out there and let the two right wing parties duke it out.
But then I'm sure we'd get a visit from the NDP "truth warriors", who have now trounced on our internet freedoms.  I'd report it to OpenMedia but their founder is too busy trying to get the NDP a bump in the polls.

In 2012, Ed Broadbent defended his public concerns over Thomas Mulcair's credentials.
Broadbent reiterated his concerns, saying: the NDP could disappear if Mulcair brings it too close to the political centre; that Mulcair had claimed false credit for the party’s breakthrough in Quebec in last May’s election; and that New Democrats ought to be worried about whether he has the personal temperament to lead a united caucus.
"... the NDP could disappear".  No truer words were spoken.  I have no idea where they are.


  1. I've seen plenty of hyper partisanship posts on comments sections by Liberals and Liberal lites (Greens), Mound of Sound said Mulcair has dead eyes, I see Liberals make personal attacks against Mulcair including his beard, the morgages on his home, calling him angry Tom, calling him an opportunist, a Tory, and so on, often parroting Tory talking points more then Tory trolls, so its a two way street.

    Many events have lead us to this place where most Liberals and Greens loyalists, hate the NDPers and vis versa.

    1. Trudeau did nothing worth while for years on end, while Mulcair and the NDP did all the work, and yet for years he was leading the polls, often by a large margin, which left many in the NDP angry and bitter, justifibly so. Even many Liberal supports are complaining Justin is lazy, he should fighting like mad for his party, instead he keeps disappearing.

    2. The NDP has been treated unfairly in the MSM since I was a kid, so I'm thrilled to see New Democracts fighting back, I haven't heard about the truth warriors so I'm thrilled to hear that people are fighting for honesty and fairness in journalism. And I've heard Liberals complaining about the MSM for the first time in my life, so now the Liberals are lashing out at the NDP for it.

    3. The Board of Internal Enquiry Kangeroo Court, this has enraged NDPers such as myself, and while we expect such corruption from Harper, to see Trudeau back told us everything we needed to know about his lack of ethics.

    4. The liberals are in 3rd again and lashing out, even though Trudeau is to blame, not Mulcair.

    5. Alot of angry New Democracts used to be Trudeau Liberals who felt betrayed by Justin, which is why they're NDP now, including people running for the NDP.

    You add the high stakes in the most competitive and important election in Canadian history and you can expect rivilries to heat of and interparty mutual loathing to get worse yet.

  2. Oh and Broadbent has written forward for Mulcair's book, he has said he was wrong about Mulcair, having had many lunches with Tom and having got to know him.

  3. The morally superior part of the NDP is also gone.They like to invoke Layton when it is convenient, yet behave in ways that Layton would never approve of. I don't care who replaces Harper, but the NDP's behaviour since Mulcair has me just hope a little that Trudeau wins because of all the attacks.

  4. The Facebook group Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper and Expose Trudeau was set up by hyperpartisan NDP supporters as an enemy group to the real Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (CRUSH) group that was started in February 2010.

    On the real CRUSH group we don't allow any posts or comments that disparage opposition parties. We have over 23,000 members, and you can find us here:

  5. Thanks Emily. I am having the same problem. Of course you know me, I give as good as good as I get. I constantly remind them to google "Yves duHaime". But I never get a response to that.

    If they've done it, and I suspect that few of them have, they don't seem to want to talk about it. Who would. Whem the real Tom Mulcair is on display for all to see, most don't like what it shows.