Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tim Hudak, the GOP and Voter Suppression

I posted recently about an Ontario conservative scheme to suppress the vote in the upcoming provincial election.

A Party calling themselves None of the Above could be traced back to Mike Harris.

Recently it was also discovered that several Ontario households received letters from the PC Party with incorrect information, that would have sent them to the wrong polling stations.

We also learn of yet another group Decline the Vote, urging young people not to get involved in the election.  Again, it is run by conservative strategists.  From Reddit:
After seeing so much buzz around this "initiative", I took a look at the website promoting it and soliciting donations. The contact page lists Paul Synnott of Windsor. Turns out he worked for Campaign Research before forming his own company Polisource. Their profile says, "a New Media Solutions company focusing on conservative Canadian Politics at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels.
Because of spending limits, they promote the idea that they are not held to any restrictions.

Under the cloud of the Robo Call trials, the conservative movement continues to use suppression techniques to steal elections by keeping those who won't vote for them away.

Since Mike Harris and Stephen Harper went to the Far Right in the U.S. for their political strategies, tricks have replaced sensible debate and fair political strategy, in too many Canadian elections.

Vote suppression tactics now define the GOP, and are quickly coming to define our conservative politicians.  They know they can't win us over with their policies so instead they cheat.  Very sad.

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