Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank you Don Davies and Thank You Canadians Demanding Full Public Inquiry in to G20 Violence

With the Facebook group: Canadians Demanding Full Public Inquiry in to G20 Violence now at almost 50,000 members, encouragement has been provided by NDP MP Don Davies.
Don Davies, the NDP member of the committee, has obtained the signatures of his Liberal and Bloc Québécois counterparts on a motion that requires the committee to reconvene no later than Monday of next week. The New Democrats say the aim of this special summer gathering is to address concerns about the conduct of summit security personnel, violations of civil liberties, violence and property destruction, and the political and operational decisions that led to these problems. “This is the fastest way to get a form of public inquiry and we want to start getting answers now,” Mr. Davies told The Globe.

I am a Liberal supporter, but this is not a partisan issue. This is not a left-wing/right-wing issue. This is a Canadian issue. The scenes that played out in Toronto the weekend of the G20 were shocking and we can not simply sweep this under the rug, because it speaks to who we want to be as Canadians.

Are the scenes of burning cars and thugs (some of whom may have been provocateurs) really how we want to be viewed? A full public inquiry will tell the world that we are just as appalled as they are, and will remind Canadians that we are OK.

And Don Davies is now leading that charge.

The people of Vancouver Kingsway should be so proud that they chose this young man to represent them.

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