Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Left-Wing Fringe Elements? Are You Kidding Me Michael Taube?

The Neocon corn huskers are out in full force these days so why shouldn't Stephen Harper's former speechwriter give it a shot.

Michael Taube is supporting Police Chief Blair, which is fine. Personally I think most of the obnoxious stuff may have come from the private security company based in California, that Harper gave a 453 million dollar untendered contract to. But who knows?

I do know that the police themselves were frustrated because they could have stopped the Black Bloc at any time but were told to stand down.

A full public inquiry I'm sure will restore Blair's name.

My beef is with Taube and his suggestion that the police had to stop "Left-Wing Fringe Elements".

When I looked at the assorted protesters I never thought of them as left-wing or right-wing. They were simply Canadians. Charles McVety was marching to gain support for a nuclear attack in the Middle East. I'm pretty sure he's not from the Left.

It's this kind of comment that is dividing this country. I don't read much of Taube, seeing as how he is with Sun Media and the National Post, but if he really wants to sort us by right and left, he might want to think about this: More than 2/3 of Canadians are considered left of centre.

What happened last weekend was atrocious and extremely un-Canadian. If there is not an inquiry Chief Blair will always be remembered as the "bad cop". Save his reputation and support the growing voices for an inquiry. Otherwise, you may be contributing to his demise.

Globe journalist, Tabatha Southey, got a taste of the actions of these animals in uniform during the debacle and I agree with her when she says: "I'll admit that my well-developed civic pride and years of watching Toronto police frequently show not merely restraint but compassion, with some truly patience-testing people, made me reflexively, if unfairly, wonder whether these officers were from out of town."

And they are not little videos on YouTube Mr. Taube. They are massive and tell a story. You might want to listen to it.


  1. First I've heard about $453 million to a California based security company.What is your source?
    My favorite reality TV program is CPAC,cable 57 in Kingston.
    I look forward to seeing Don Davies take on MacKenzie & Glover.

  2. From the National Post amoung others:

    "Documents reveal that the RCMP has been granted a $453-million budget for "planning and operations related to policing and security" at the G8 in Huntsville, taking place June 25-26, and the G20 in Toronto from June 26-27. Total security costs for the summits are estimated at more than $1-billion.

    Security industry insiders are questioning the speed at which Contemporary Security Canada was awarded the contract, which was tendered on April 7."

    The company, Contemporary Security Canada is part of Comporary Security International, a multinational corporation whose head office is in California. They are notorious for their "whack 'em and stack 'em' mentality.