Monday, November 9, 2009

Ted Sorenson Reminds us of What Strong Leadership Really Means

Ted Sorensen was President Kennedy's Special Counsel & Adviser, and primary speechwriter. At 81 he is spry and his message still compelling.

Canadians seem to have forgotten what democracy is. We still look for leadership, but are content with the illusion of leadership, even if that leader does not have our best interests at heart.

Benjamin Disraeli once said "I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?” With Harper we must simply do as we're told and shut up about it.

Mr. Sorenson says that "A politically popular position might not be the best position", but a leader must always make the best decision. That is why Michael Ignatieff, must have the courage to simply state that he will raise taxes, while raising social programs, that will benefit all Canadians. Polls consistently reveal that the Canadian public puts social spending above anything else. Not lower taxes. Not debt reduction. Not military spending. Social programs.

To hell with the media and how they will spin it. So long as they are (apparently) receiving their big cardboard cheques, they will print whatever the Ref Cons tell them to print. We need to take this country back and in order to do that, we must make bold moves.

Mr. Sorenson goes on to say that a good leader does not have to be an experienced leader. (He can be "just visiting"). It's about selecting a good team, and inspiring loyalty. But that loyalty has to work down.

A good leader must also take responsibility, as Ignatieff did with the decline in the polls. Harper blamed the parliamentary crisis on bad food he'd eaten in Peru and blames us for the H1N1 crisis and Kenney's aggressive refugee policies. He never ever takes responsibility for anything. Even Mike Harris for all of his faults took reponsibilty for Walkerton. Not so Stephen Harper for the listeriosis outbreak.

Blame, blame, blame and more blame. Stephen Harper is not a leader.

The final segment deals with accountability, and that is one area where Stephen Harper is sorely lacking. He rose to power on a fraulent Accountability Act and is holding onto power with a fraudulent Action Plan.

Mr. Sorenson also states that a good leader worries. They worry about the environment, debt and the country's future. We can be assured that Stephen Harper never loses sleep over any of these things.


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