Friday, November 13, 2009

Stephen Harper Tells High School Kids to Leave Him Alone

When Woodlands high school students decided to get involved in the environment, something we encourage young people to do, by calling the PM to share their concerns about climate change, they got a rude awakening. The message couldn't be any clearer.

The environment is not his problem so please stop calling. Unbelievable.

Justin Trudeau was in Mississauga on Monday calling on the youth to claim their rightful place in defining Canada’s priorities, so how does this message make them feel?

PM's office to students: Stop calling

Karen Williams is disappointed with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Grade 12 student from The Woodlands School and fellow members of the school’s Environmental Council called Harper’s office in September to voice their opinion on climate change and received a shocking response when they received a call back, discouraging them from calling again. “We wanted him to say, ‘Hey, thanks for calling me and we want to make a change in the world,’ but that’s not what he said,” Williams told The News yesterday, replaying the morning the school received a call from the prime minister’s office.

Instead, she said, a representative from his office requested the principal go on the P.A. system and ask students not to call anymore. ... Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert said he contacted the PMO and was assured they’ll look into the situation....

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