Monday, November 16, 2009

Is This a Good Time to Unite the Left?

With the media picking up their big cardboard cheques and all but handing Stephen Harper a majority, would this be a good time to talk seriously about uniting the left?

Michael Byers wrote a piece not long ago about a strategic uniting for the next election, to remove the neo-Conservative government that is threatening our country, while the nation sleeps. He seems very passionate and maybe we should listen, especially after Harper's former campaign manager admitted that Harper lied about the coalition.

I read a comment on one of the boards "Heard Elizabeth May and Michael Byers yesterday on Michael Enright's Sunday talk show! A discussion on how Stephen Harper could be defeated by the left developing a strategy of the parties working together. Would be a good first mission for Mr. Ignatieff to send Peter Donolo explore the possibilities?"

With a 34% approval rating for Harper, that hardly warrants his new 'king' status, but we're talking the Canadian media here? Since when did they put Canadian interests ahead of their own?

Harper's success is because he united the right and eliminated the competition.

The only thing that could be a problem is that Jack Layton now has a Harper complex, and fancies he could be the next PM. He used to care though and maybe we could get him to care again.

I think we should really push this.

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