Thursday, November 12, 2009

Does Stephen Harper Think He's a U.S. President?

I was just reading the Impolitical blog (one of my favourites) and they brought up something that I hadn't really thought about until now. Like the United States President, Stephen Harper really wants to be Commander in Chief. Unfortunately for him, that's not the way our system works, but this Republican probably wishes that it was.

We saw his little tiff with her after her speech in Paris. Then on Canada Day he broke with tradition and walked out for a salute, something that really upset the veterans.

Now today, it was reported that he tried to take all the glory, and his press release eliminates any notion that the GG officiated over the Remembrance Day ceremonies and handed out the new medals.

I remember Preston Manning refusing to acknowledge the position of a GG, calling it a 'patronage appointment'. Now Harper is just going to push her out of the way, since he can't simply eliminate the position.

Murray Dobbin was right. Stephen Harper is a malignant narcissist.

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